Windows 11 Compatibility


We have now completed testing on Windows 11 and a new release addressing the issues was made available yesterday. SampleSort release v1.0.633.0 addressed some security changes in Windows 11 and has now passed our testing.

Exciting times ahead as Microsoft has started to roll out Windows 11 updates to users as of 5th October 2021. We are actually really looking forward to getting a good look at the new OS over the coming weeks as they make ISO images available to developers.

Having said that, we have not yet had the chance to test SampleSort compatibility with Windows 11 but we don’t anticipate any major compatibility issues at the moment. If there are issues we suspect they will be minor issues that should be easily rectified.

As with any major OS update it’s always worth investigating potential issues before jumping in, even more so with mission critical machines and certainly with music related PC hardware and software. Although Microsoft really does lead the way in terms of backwards compatibility.

As soon as we have had a chance to perform Windows 11 testing we will publish our findings and advise of any timescales involved in fixing any issues we do find.

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