The table below contains a list of previous releases that can be downloaded and installed in the event of issues encountered in the current release.

Current Release

Download SampleSort v1.4.920
94 MB

MD5: 80fa8d6f328034704199ffdf1f7c62db

You will have to remove installs with a higher version number before being able to install one of these historical releases.

Previous Releases

VersionRelease DateDownload LinkMD5 Hash
1.3.81122nd February 2022Downloadb73439f8cbbf5ecae51f99c614f2f456
1.2.75610th February 2022Download18ded8ab70589987d98b54ae8d807f0a
1.2.7334th February 2022Downloadd790266a1dedffca95fb5343537bdc19
1.2.71827th January 2022Download6a1ca5a949395dff19270860fd1ff376

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