What is SampleSort?

SampleSort is a Windows application designed to help you organise, discover, catalogue and export samples.

What OSes Does SampleSort Support?

SampleSort currently supports the following operating systems (x86 / x64):

  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 8.1
  • Windows 10


If you are still running Windows 7 we would recommend upgrading. Although we support Windows 7 and test our software and installers on Windows 7, Microsoft no longer officially supports this OS. It’s also getting increasingly harder for us to support this older OS so we no can no longer guarantee support for Windows 7 will continue.

This should be regarded as a security issue and you should upgrade as soon as possible.

How do I Build the Database?

There are a variety of ways to build the database. The best place to start is the Getting Started page.

How do I Audition Samples?

This is one of the key features of SampleSort … just click the sample in the data grid and SampleSort will play the audio file.

In addition to this if you click the “Global Loop Audio” mode button SampleSort will continuously loop the current audio allowing you to preview loops.

How do I export Samples?

In both the Search and browser views right-clicking on a sample in the data grid will give you access to a context menu.

In these context menus there is an option called “Add to Export” this will add an entry for the selected sample to the export view.

Once you have completed building your list of samples to export, you can navigate to the export view to export these samples to your project locations on your hard drive.

Will SampleSort play CDs?

Whilst SampleSort isn’t an audio player as such (at least in the vein of something like WinAmp or iTunes) it will stream audio data from a CD/DVD/BluRay inserted into any optical drive on the local system when browsing using the browser view.

How do I get my Library Statistics?

If you have purchased a license to the full version and have an open project you can access the library statistics on the statistics page.

What Sound Cards are Supported?

SampleSort uses a sophisticated audio engine that provides support for a vast array of sound cards using both WDM or ASIO drivers. It also supports cards using PCI, USB and Firewire connections.

The list of potentially supported cards would be impossible to list individually. If your card uses one of these connection types and drivers, you shouldn’t have any issues using SampleSort.

What Sample Rates Are Supported?

If you have a full version of SampleSort can play any 32bits / 192Khz sampling rate file. SampleSort will also play stereo, mono and surround sound files.

The unlicensed free version of SampleSort is limited to 16bit 44.1Khz.

What File Formats Are Supported?

SampleSort can play back a very large variety of file types for previewing before including in sample exports. Unlicensed version of SampleSort can only play WAV and MP3 files, whereas the a licensed version includes the following file formats:


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