SampleSort v1.2.733
Today JamSoft has released another update to their audio file management tool. These updates were released in relation to several user requests for the features received over the last few weeks. The features had been in development prior but were expedited based on these requests. We love getting feedback and feature requests and we would love to hear yours.

File Name Sorting Options

The first of these new features is a new option to control how search results are sorted based on the sample file name. Two options are included at the moment – String and StringNumber. String sorting simple orders rows based on the string value such as File1, File10, File2. Whereas StringNumber ordering will take the numeric parts and treat them as numbers. With this option selected the order would be File1, File2, File10.

Catalog Searches

Searches can also now be limited to one of more catalogs. Using the new check marks catalogs can be selected so limit the results to just the selected catalogs. Happy Sorting! The JamSoft Team
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Merry Christmas!

We would like to extend warm holiday season greetings to all our customers. We hope you have great break and are looking forward to 2023.

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SampleSort v1.4.1298

Today we have made SampleSort v1.4.1298 available for general release. This is just a maintenance release including some bug fixes and other general updates. Whilst

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SampleSort v1.4.920

Today JamSoft has released a new version of SampleSort – v1.4.920. Bringing with it a new file management view, cosmetic updates and bug fixes. File