SampleSort v1.2.718 – Duplicates Be Gone!

Today JamSoft has released another update to their audio file management tool. This update includes several stability and bug fixes to improve the user experience and some performance improvements for several processes within the application.

New Pro Features

Included in SampleSort Pro v1.2.718 is an entirely new view. The view provides access to any potential duplicate sample files within the currently open project file.

The view allows locating the relevant files within Windows File Explorer. The audio files can be auditioned and flagged for taking action.

Once the duplicated files are identified they can be removed from the project data whilst leaving the files in place or the files can also be removed from the file system completely.

As ever we would welcome any feedback or suggestions on this new feature or anything else within SampleSort.

Happy Sorting!

The JamSoft Team

Download SampleSort v1.4.920
94 MB

MD5: 80fa8d6f328034704199ffdf1f7c62db

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