SampleSort v1.0.623 Released

Today we have released another new version of SampleSort. This update brings lots of nice new features. Some much asked for quality of life and usability improvements.

SampleSort New Features


We have included a new button to create individual catalogs without having to do it via the Import dialog. There is a new dedicated button in the Catalog section of the UI to quickly and easily access this new feature.

ASIO Drivers

Some users had reported their ASIO drivers not being present in the list of outputs or couldn’t be selected as outputs. We have identified the issues here and a fix has been included in this new release.


We have also improved some aspects of the UI in the RanDrum screen. The view now properly remembers size and position and some issues within the UI have been fixed. Some users were reporting issues with the sized and responsiveness of the rocker buttons for setting the count of samples.

All these issues have been addressed and fixed in this new release.

Happy Sorting!

SampleSort v1.1.682 – User Tags

JamSoft is very excited to release the first point release after the initial v1.0 release earlier this year. This release includes a major feature that

Windows 11 Compatibility

UPDATE We have now completed testing on Windows 11 and a new release addressing the issues was made available yesterday. SampleSort release v1.0.633.0 addressed some

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