SampleSort v1.0.575 Released

We have just released SampleSort v1.0.575 today. The update includes numerous bug fixes, some new features and some cosmetic pep-up changes, just a nudges here and there.

New Features

There are a number of new features included in this release, some quality of life improvements and some useful new search capabilities provided through new toolbox parameters.

  • Clone Projects to new files
  • A new Rating search parameter is now available
  • View and Import from LAN based networked locations

Cloning entire projects can be useful when you want to do something destructive on a copy of your current project. When you clone a project, the clone project is also automatically opened.

The new Rating parameter allows you to build even stricter searches based on your own ratings set against your samples. It’s available in the search toolbox as one of the available parameters. You can include it in searches as illustrated in the example below:

Category = drums Ext = wav Rating > 6

Rating values are decimal allowing for an accurate score over a large sample library. You can actually use decimal values here in the searches as well. For instance you could write something like:

Category = drums Rating > 6.2 Rating < 10

Network locations are now also available to access in the browser and for importing from, either leaving the sample files were they are or copying them to a new location.

Bug Fixes

Project Restore

Some users have reported that once and project has been backed up, the application was unable to restore this file into the currently open project file. This has now been addressed and fixed.


Some users have reported that occasionally their scans would pause mid-way and never get to completion. Requiring a restart of the application to get things going again. There can be a number of reasons this may occur, sometimes around issues with Anti-Virus applications misbehaving or other system issues.

However, a problem was identified that can results in scans being paused and failing to complete, the source of these pauses has been fixed in the latest version v1.0.575.

Thanks for reading and please do keep the feedback coming, it’s much appreciated.

Happy Sorting!

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