SampleSort v1.0.551 Released

Today we have released a new version of SampleSort v1.0.551.

The release contains various bug fixes and improvements under the hood to improve usability.

We have also included a new search randomisation feature. The search widget contains a new toggle button that can be switched on and off per search.

Also when launching the application with a default project file set these initial results can also be set to randomise.

Whilst this is a fairly small feature it really helps to discover files lurking in your collection by surfacing a random selection each time you perform a search.

SampleSort v1.1.682 – User Tags

JamSoft is very excited to release the first point release after the initial v1.0 release earlier this year. This release includes a major feature that

Windows 11 Compatibility

UPDATE We have now completed testing on Windows 11 and a new release addressing the issues was made available yesterday. SampleSort release v1.0.633.0 addressed some

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