SampleSort Upcoming Features

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This is just a quick update to get you excited about the upcoming release of SampleSort.

There are a number of requested features that we are working on for the upcoming release. The most notable features include:

    Manual editing of file categories
    Meta data editing
    Waveform Preview

A lot of people have requested the ability to make changes to the categories that files are placed into automatically when scanning. SampleSort attempts to get this right first time but will not always get this correct. So opening this up to users to make these changes will be hugely beneficial and increase the accuracy of searches.

We have also been working on the ability to read and write meta data to various file formats. We will be including full read and write support for all the major tag formats such a IDv3, iXML, Cart, BEXT and a few lesser known tags as well. This will make SampleSort a much more useful tool for professionals dealing with audio coming from hardware field recorders and other software applications.

The waveform preview pretty much speaks for itself. Being able to view the Waveform will be a welcome addition to the application.

We are expecting to get this new version released before the end of November, hopefully much sooner!