SampleSort 0.6.7

We are very near to releasing the next version of SampleSort.  Should hit the web site within the next couple of days.  Included in this release are a few cosmetic changes and general maintenance updates.  In addition to this we have the following new features:

  • Text file name searches are now case switchable
  • Drive volume labels are now displayed in the browser view
  • Search values persisted between sessions
  • Window position restore is now safer when run on a dual monitor systems
  • Export view grid now also supports audio playback & drag and drop
  • All grids now re-trigger sample playback on left click

We will send out notifications to subscribed users as soon as this new version is released and available for download.  This new version of SampleSort is now packaged in an .msi installer instead of the older .exe setup file we used previously.  This is currently undergoing extensive testing.

SampleSort News

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