Project Settings

Backup Project

When you execute the backup project option SampleSort simply makes a .bak copy of the currently open project in the same location as the project file.

Restore Project

If there is a .bak backup of the currently open project this button will be enabled. SampleSort will over-write the currently open project file with the backup version.

Verify Project

This ensures that the project file integrity is correct and that the project file is well formed and consistent.

Clear Project

This clears down all data contained within the currently open project.

Export CSV / XML

This exports the entire open project file to a Comma Separated Values format file or XML file. CSV is a well structured and ubiquitous file format that is easily read by a huge number of applications and utilities. Whilst XML is also well structured it is far less efficient in its structure and working with it can be a little more awkward than plain CSV files.

Search Options

Auto execute recalled searches – when recalling a saved search, this option controls how the recall behaves. With this option unselected the saved search will simply be recalled and loaded into the search widget. With this option selected the search itself will also be executed against the data and the results shown in the grid.

Randomise results on project load – With this option selected when a project is first loaded the results will be show in a randomised list rather than the natural order of the data.

Default Project

This field shows the path to the default project that will be loaded each time SampleSort is launched.

Search Grid Display Fields

This allows the configuration of the available columns within the main search view grid. Toggling fields on and off with show and hide each available column.

Active File List

The active file list is a complete list of file types that SampleSort knows about. Currently there are 167 file types that SampleSort understands.

There are also two buttons that allow toggling all files on or off.