The manager view allows you to make changes to the underlying file system. You can move, copy, delete or merge directories and files.

The view allows all the normal file manipulation functions. You can open multiple panels to provide a rich view of multiple locations within a single view.

Dragging and Dropping files or folders will move these items. If you want to make copies of items you can hold the CTRL key when dropping the items. They will then be copied and SampleSort will then also scan the new files and add them to the currently open project.

Keeping Thing in Sync

SampleSort will also optionally keep multiple projects updated with any changes you make to the file system.

When making changes within the Manager view, SampleSort will update the corresponding files within the current project and any projects added as sync projects.

Not all updates are applied to sync projects. Only updates to file locations are updated within the sync projects. Deletes are not applied to the sync projects in order to preserve data. Also when copying directories the scans of these new directories are not applied to sync projects.

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