WaysandMeans – Fugazi Video

This is/was amazing good fortune! Rather than being behind the lens for the filming I had a starring role! Lenssniper was cast as a cider drinking hobo, sat on Turbo Island on a Saturday Afternoon. It’s amazing how many people you know pass by when you sit still.

We all had a LOT of fun making this, you can see the stills here.

The video is ready to watch!

Fugazi Video Shoot Stills

The recent video shoot Lenssniper attended was an absolute stack of fun. Filmed on the streets of my old haunt Stokes Croft in Bristol. I was initially only going to cover the shoot with production stills and then found myself cast in the video as a cider drinking hobo on Turbo Island alongside Lisa Marie Rosario for company and lest we forget Kutchy … Hmm …

You can view the stills by clicking here.

Ways and Means Video Shoot

We’re off to beautiful Bristol tomorrow armed to the teeth with gear to help shoot the new WaysandMeans music video for thier forthcoming release “Fugazi”. Great piece of music featuring Alonestar on vocal duties. You can hear the promo mix on Soundcloud.