Lipsmacking Festival 2011

Well, that all went rather well. It was a resounding success again this year, lots more stalls and more competitions and all manner of good stuff. There was even a record set!! The world record for stretching a curly wurly was absolutely smashed to pieces! We’ll have to wait for an official update from the GWR to confirm. Photos to follow!

Well done all the organisers and we’re already looking forward to 2012!

Lipsmacking Chocolate Films

We’re looking forward to tomorrow at Sniper HQ. Lenssniper is making a film about Chocolate!! It’s for the promotion of this years Lipsmacking Festival and principle filming starts tomorrow with a trip to Sherbourne to visit the first Chocolatier being interviewed for the film. The last appointment for tomorrow is with a Chocolate Masseuse, this could prove to be very shrewed planning …