Once you have built your database, we need to start searching for things.

Searching for samples is done on the Search page using the search widget which you can see below.

Using this widget you can perform many kinds of searches. You can just free-type searches into the box, or you can use the pop-up to help build up a query. The pop-up is shown below.

Across the top you can see a range of red coloured operators, such as equals, greater than etc. Below that, you have a list of green names representing the bits of information you can search.

Using this pop-up you can build up searches like this:

Executing the search will query the database and list all the samples in the “drums” category.

The three buttons to the far left allow you to control the searches, you can execute the search (or Press Enter) using the magnifying glass, save it for use later using the star button or reset it completely and start a new search with the bin button.

When searches are saved they are saved to the currently open database.

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