Installation Instructions

Upgrading From v0.8.x

If you already have a version of SampleSort installed that is lower than v1, the new version of SampleSort will install side-by-side with this version.

Any databases built using SampleSort v1.x are not compatible with the old version and vice versa, v0.8.x are not compatible with v1.x.

  1. Uninstall SampleSort 0.8.x
  2. Follow the instructions below to install SampleSort


New Installations

  1. Download the installer onto the machine you wish to use SampleSort;
  2. double-click the setup file;
  3. This will install SampleSort ready for use.
  4. Instructions for activating SampleSort Pro will be included in the license email along with your key


The installer is a self-contained offline installer that has everything required to run SampleSort, i.e. the machine doesn’t need an internet connection. You’re welcome! 🙂

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