General Settings

Global Options

Check for updates – this option controls whether SampleSort will check for any software updates each time it’s launched.

Show Tool Tips – when selected if any tool tip help messages are available when the mouse pointer is hovering over a UI element, the help message will pop-up automatically.

Default Audio Editor – show the path to the default audio editor application and a browse button to allow this path option to be set. When editing a sample file, it’s this application that will be launched with the specified file.

Records to Load – when working with very large projects it’s worth setting this to a number greater than 0, such as a 1000. When opening large projects or if the default project is large this can impact opening times and application start-up performance.

File Name Sort Method – This allows control over the sorting algorithm used for the file name field. The two options are ‘String’ and ‘StringNumber’.

When sorting with just ‘String’ ordering it can produce some odd ordering that doesn’t appear to take number values into account. Meaning 100 would come before 2, such as File1, File100, File2.

When selecting ‘StringNumber’ as the default, this will take the number elements of the file name into account as an actual numeric value. Meaning a more familiar order would be produced, such as File1, File2, File100.

Audio Options

The audio options are where you select the default output SampleSort should use with it’s audio engine. Any WDM and ASIO drivers found on the system are presented in a combo box in order to select the desired output. Depending on the type of driver selected you can also set the sample rate the engine uses.

Statistic Settings

These checkboxes allow you to select the range of statistics that are calculated and displayed in charts within the Statistics View.

Export Options

Clear export list after export – This controls if samples are removed from the export grid once they have been exported to the desired location.

Open export location after export – when selected any time and export is performed a new Explorer view will be launched at the location where the samples have been exported.

Include CSV header in CSV files – The CSV file format specification allows for the first row in a well formed CSV file to contain a list of string values. These values correspond to the column names for the subsequent rows of data.

RanDrum default to Battery Output – when selected RanDrum will default to exporting drum kits in a format compatible with Battery V1. It includes the XML file detailing the exported samples for each Battery drum pad.

Tag Options

This view allows the configuration of how tags are displayed. You can create new tags and set the corresponding colour value for each tag using the colour picker control.