SampleSort Upcoming Features

This is just a quick update to get you excited about the upcoming release of SampleSort.

There are a number of requested features that we are working on for the upcoming release. The most notable features include:

    Manual editing of file categories
    Meta data editing
    Waveform Preview

A lot of people have requested the ability to make changes to the categories that files are placed into automatically when scanning. SampleSort attempts to get this right first time but will not always get this correct. So opening this up to users to make these changes will be hugely beneficial and increase the accuracy of searches.

We have also been working on the ability to read and write meta data to various file formats. We will be including full read and write support for all the major tag formats such a IDv3, iXML, Cart, BEXT and a few lesser known tags as well. This will make SampleSort a much more useful tool for professionals dealing with audio coming from hardware field recorders and other software applications.

The waveform preview pretty much speaks for itself. Being able to view the Waveform will be a welcome addition to the application.

We are expecting to get this new version released before the end of November, hopefully much sooner!

Past 6000 Downloads!!!

Well, we’d all like to thank the SampleSort users for pushing us over 6000 downloads as of a few days ago!  This is a little proud moment in our lives!  Thanks everyone.

SampleSort Version 0.8.398 Released

We’ve just made a new version of SampleSort available for download – v0.8.398.

In this update we have built on the changes in the last update to improve the scanning processes even further.  We’ve also laid the groundwork for allowing user configurable categories coming in a future version.  We’ve also addressed various small bugs along with other small enhancements.

We have also added a much asked for feature to allow multi-select in the various application data grids.  You can now select multiple records and bulk add them to the export view.

Oooh, New UI!

The major change in this release comprises a completely overhauled UI.  We’ve redesigned everything in the UI to make better use of space and to provide an improve user experience.  We’ve also made use of a completely new colour scheme to place more emphasis on the data you want to see.  We hope you like the new UI, we’d love to hear any feedback.

You can see the new main view in the screenshot below:


We’ve also done a lot of housekeeping around to reduce the download to just over 8.5mb.  Another major change in this release is that we have decided to move away from using the built in Help system.  We are going to publishing the help documentation on the jamsoft web site moving forward.

Anyway, really hope you enjoy the new version and please drop us line.

New Version Available – v0.8.350

We have today made a new version of our sample organiser application SampleSort v0.8.350 available for download.  We have been fixing bugs from recent issues people have been experiencing and have reached a point where we are ready to release!

We have made a number of cosmetic improvements in some areas as well as working on the core code.  We have increased the default font size for increased readability in the UI.

In this update we have also addressed a number of memory and performance issues that have been reported.  With the new version in our tests we have seen scanning times drastically reduced.  When testing scanning an entire machine we have seen these times reduce from 30 minutes to under 7 minutes.  Scanning individual directories have seen as many as 24,000 files scanned in under a minute.

How to get the Update

If you have configured SampleSort to check for updates automatically you can just start SampleSort and follow the instructions.  Or you can download the update manually below.

Windows 10

We’ve now completed some testing on the new version of Windows 10 and we can confirm that SampleSort is working as expected on the new Microsoft OS.

New Release Imminent

We very happy to report that the development on the next version of SampleSort is going well.  We’re just finalising the last few bits of the application in preparation for its release.

Again there isn’t anything major in terms of changes or new features but we have had significant feedback on the performance of the application and have optimised it in many ways to run even faster than before.  There are also a number of bug fixes that address some quite serious problems that a few users have encountered.

We’d like to give a shout out to the users that have provided this feedback (and associated log files for debugging).  Many thanks guys, the help is really appreciated and very useful!!

We are expecting to make a new released by the end of next week (Friday 12th June 2015).  We’ll update the blog with further details when the release is online and read for download.

Next Version

Hello All!  Whilst it’s been quite here on the JamSoft blog we have been working on the next version of SampleSort.  Whilst there won’t be any major new features in this version there is a lot of optimisation and bug fixes to arrive in the next version.

People are still reporting the odd occasion where SampleSort doesn’t complete a complete system scan for files which is hugely frustrating for everyone.

If you do experience an instance of this it would be appreciated if you could visit the JamSoft Google Group and add a message and attach the log file to help us determine what occurred so we can include a bug fix in the next release of the application.

You can find the log file at the following location:


Many Thanks!!


Happy New Year

Happy New Year to all the SampleSort users!  Here’s to a successful 2015 and the next version of SampleSort!

v0.7.2 Released

After a slightly problematic v0.7.1 release we have undertaken more extensive testing and have made a new version available for download.

The issues some users experienced were related to the completely new database engine and whilst every effort is made to ensure that releases are thoroughly tested sometimes an issue makes it through the testing process.  We are sorry for any issues that caused for users but the issues that were reported have been fully addressed in this new release and this release has passed testing by those users.  I’d like to thank Dubdesciple in particular for his help with this.

v0.7.1 Development Update

Development is going well on the new version and we should be in a position to release this over the coming weeks – very exciting.

There are however a few caveats that come with this new version.  Mainly in the shape of a completely redesigned and redeveloped database.  We are concerned about the impact on your existing installations of SampleSort but we felt the long term benefits completely outweighed the short term negative effect on users.  If you have a previously installed version of the application you will be informed that it requres upgrading.  What this actually means is that it is too out of date to migrate to the new version and so will be completely recreated without migrating the data.

Whilst this isn’t a great user experience the features we will be able to now build will make life a lot easier going forward.