RapidNCA - .NET & WPF for Mango Solutions

The Challenge

The challenges on this project were many. The requirement included rich reporting, a flexible project structure combined with advanced data management, simple UI with good UX and advanced data analytics. The application needed to provide a clean rapid workflow for clinical scientists to accurately gather, import, map to significant vectors, manage and then report on the data.

Being able to share projects files between colleagues and teams vastly speeds up their work when testing new compounds. The reports also have to follow strict guidelines provided by organisations like the FDA which required a validation process for the application producing the reports.

At the core of the application is a Non-Compartmental-Analysis process that is used to analyse plasma concentration levels over time during clinical drug trials. Being able to accurately produce and manage these kinds of reports is key to a scientists work.

The decision to use .NET and WPF had already been made by the client, then based on our experience and recommendation they tasked us with helping on the project.

Our Solution

Some of the key higher level decisions had already been made which lead to our engagement. The requirement was a modern .NET application using then very new WPF UI framework. Since we had prior experience building and releasing these kinds of applications we were able to provide a lot of guidance.

The solution involved building a modular composited application using the Prism framework. All data management and presentation elements were implemented using .NET. Whereas all the analysis would be handled by integrating R with .NET in order to take advantage of a great tool and their own in-house R experts.

The Prism framework allows for great opportunities for abstracting logic into discreet modules both speeding up development and providing a great programming model. It also improves testability as well as maintainability of the code base and logically separates units of functionality into a service based eco-system.

Whilst we provided guidance on the architecture and technology decisions we also provided mentoring to their own internal developers to aid them in delivering the final solution. We also authored all the build configurations and the final WiX deployment system for installation.

Solution Specifics

.NET, WPF, Infragistics, R, WiX, VS2010, Jenkins, NUnit, Moq, MSBuild, PRISM, SVN

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