v0.7.2 Released

After a slightly problematic v0.7.1 release we have undertaken more extensive testing and have made a new version available for download.

The issues some users experienced were related to the completely new database engine and whilst every effort is made to ensure that releases are thoroughly tested sometimes an issue makes it through the testing process.  We are sorry for any issues that caused for users but the issues that were reported have been fully addressed in this new release and this release has passed testing by those users.  I’d like to thank Dubdesciple in particular for his help with this.

v0.7.1 Development Update

Development is going well on the new version and we should be in a position to release this over the coming weeks – very exciting.

There are however a few caveats that come with this new version.  Mainly in the shape of a completely redesigned and redeveloped database.  We are concerned about the impact on your existing installations of SampleSort but we felt the long term benefits completely outweighed the short term negative effect on users.  If you have a previously installed version of the application you will be informed that it requres upgrading.  What this actually means is that it is too out of date to migrate to the new version and so will be completely recreated without migrating the data.

Whilst this isn’t a great user experience the features we will be able to now build will make life a lot easier going forward.

New Google Group

We have just setup a nice brand spanking new Google Group dedicated to discussion about JamSoft and SampleSort.  It’s open and ready to discuss anything you want to about the software and how you use it and anything you would like to see happen with it in the future.

You can view and join the group here.

Future .NET Version Update

The next version of SampleSort (0.7.1) is already in the pipeline and with this release we will be moving to the latest version of .NET (version 4.5) unfortunately this will also usher in the discontinued support for Windows XP (long live Windows XP!).  Whilst it was a great operating system in its time it is 12 years since it was released.

Microsoft will also be dropping the Windows XP Extended Support on 8th April 2014 so it really is time to move off this OS.  Also we don’t think many people will still be using this OS for serious audio work as lots of audio equipment manufacturers no longer produce drivers for this OS due to the age and support situation from Microsoft.

We may well keep a download of SampleSort 0.7.0 available for XP users for a limited time.

New Version Available 0.7.0

Well here is a good start to the year.  Whilst there isn’t anything new in the application as of this version there have been a number of things changed under the hood.  Lots of tidying up of code and some bugs ironed out of the database system with the application and a few code efficiency issues fixed.  You can download v0.7.0 using the link below or if you have update notification turned on SampleSort will automatically download the new version for installation.

New Web Site

Well it’s a new year and we thought it was about time we updated the JamSoft home on the web. Hope you like the new web site and find it useful and easier to use than the previous site.

There is a new FAQ page to replace the old Wiki.  We will use this new page to address some of the commonly asked questions and queries about SampleSort.  At the moment we are looking at a more robust forum to use on the new site so watch this space for news on that.  We are also working towards a new release of the application sometime in the 3rd quarter of 2014.  Very exciting times!!

Happy New Year

Just a short message wishing all our friends & clients a very happy and productive 2014.

Happy New Year

Happy New Year from the JamSoft team.

Whilst we admit it has been quiet around here on the blog for a while there is a new version of the application coming in 2014.  We will address any support related issues and development requests as we can fit in.

We hope 2014 will be a great year for everyone!  Happy Sorting!! 🙂

Elements for Life Promo Video

Very pround to announce that Lenssniper is current making a range of films for Elements for Life raw chocolate company based in Whiltshire.

We will be producing a range of videos for promoting their business and also providing content for their newly implemented blog posts. We will keep you up to date on the progress of this work and will include links as soon as the films are completed.