Welcome to Lens Sniper


Welcome to the new look lenssniper.com web site.  Hope you like it, blood, sweat and tears went into the making of it!  I’ll be keeping a blog of any activities and general photographic shenanigans on this blog away from the main site in order to keep this all ship shape and Bristol fashion.

Take a look at the portfolio and if I can be of any use, photographically speaking, get in touch on the contact page.

Adios amigos/amigas!!

Eat Static & Phenomena

Well the gig at the Cheese and Grain went really well.  Eat Static played a banging set of tunes and the indescribable event that is Phenomena went down a storm.  Hopefully the Phenomena show will get a slot at this years Glastonbury festival so more people can enjoy the insanity.  Really good fun.

There were also DJ sets from DJ Chamber, Vibe Selectaz and Fractus.  You can see a selection of the photographs from the event in the portfolio.

SampleSort 0.6.7

We are very near to releasing the next version of SampleSort.  Should hit the web site within the next couple of days.  Included in this release are a few cosmetic changes and general maintenance updates.  In addition to this we have the following new features:

  • Text file name searches are now case switchable
  • Drive volume labels are now displayed in the browser view
  • Search values persisted between sessions
  • Window position restore is now safer when run on a dual monitor systems
  • Export view grid now also supports audio playback & drag and drop
  • All grids now re-trigger sample playback on left click

We will send out notifications to subscribed users as soon as this new version is released and available for download.  This new version of SampleSort is now packaged in an .msi installer instead of the older .exe setup file we used previously.  This is currently undergoing extensive testing.


I hope we’re all enjoying the summer at the moment and what a cracker it is.  Things have been a bit quiet on the SampleSort development front of late as we have been trying to decide on the best course of action on how to move things forward.

We have been talking to end users to try to get a feel for where we should take the application.  I have also been approaching various industry folks with a view to getting their input on various topics as well.  We at a point where we are collating all of this together and should have a good road-map for moving this all forward in the not too distant future.

Meanwhile, if any of you people out there in user land feel the urge to do a spot of promotion on our behalf we’d love to hear from you!

SampleSort v0.6.6 Released

We have now released v0.6.6 of SampleSort.

Included in this update is a completely new categorisation engine.  This new categorisation engine has also added a new configuration setting to turn the ‘fuzzy’ matching process on or off.   To support this feature there is a new button on the Database page for recategorising the database.  If you change the categorisation engine settings (more control features to come) this button will re-catalogue the database contents.

You can now also specify your external audio editor application, once this has been done the data grids within SampleSort contain an option to open a file directly into the editor.

Other changes are all too development orientated to bore you with the details!  Hope you enjoy!  As ever all feedback is very welcome.

SampleSort v0.6.6

The next version of SampleSort (v.0.6.6) is currently in development and is looking like it will be available within the next 6 weeks.  This version will have a greater number of maintenance changes / bug fixes as opposed to lots of extra functionality included.

The major part of this release will be a completely re-worked automatic file categorisation process and a new ‘Fuzzy Matching’ feature of this process.  The ‘Fuzzy’ bit means that files will still be placed into a primary and secondary category but it will also allow them to fall into any other number of categories based on what SampleSort finds.

Beta Testers Wanted

Beta testing is an incredibly important phase in the development life-cycle of any piece of software.  It’s a process of making available pre-release versions of software to end-users to be put through its paces prior to general release.

To focus on delivering better software we are always looking for more beta testers to join our team and make an active contribution to the project. You will be required to participate by downloading and running the latest pre-release beta builds of SampleSort with a view to providing detailed feedback on your experiences using the application.

By taking part you will be able to feed into the development process and get to see your contribution, ideas and requests realised as we move through the pre-release beta phase of each version of the application.

This is an exciting and very rewarding process of making great software.  If you feel like this is something you are interested in and have the time to take part we would really appreciate your input.

To get stuck in and start helping get in touch via the link below and we will make the arrangements for you to be added to the beta team.

SampleSort v0.6.5

We are very pleased to announce that today was the official release of the next version of SampleSort.

This version is a great milestone for SampleSort, included in this update is a major upgrade of the audio engine providing a vast array of features and much needed extension of the audio capabilities of the application.  It now supports all the major audio formats and has increased its performance.

Playback of audio files upto 32bit 192Khz and support for multichannel audio files in addition to the starndard mono/stereo files.