RanDrum Workflow

RanDrum Workflow

Once you have built the database you can navigate to the RanDrum page and configure what you want SampleSort to do.

Build The Kit

  1. On the left hand side are details about the drum samples in the database.
  2. There is also a rocker switch (+/-) to tell SampleSort how many of a particular sample type you want.
  3. Once you have set these click the drum icon on the right.
  4. SampleSort will randomly select samples and place them on the drum pads on the right of the screen.
  5. You can then audition the samples by clicking on the drum pads.
  6. If you like a particular sound you can “Ear-mark” it using the pad check-box.
  7. When you click the drum icon button a second time SampleSort will keep the samples you have “Ear-Marked”.
  8. Hit the Drum button button again.
  9. SampleSort then randomly select another batch of samples but keeps the ones you have selected.
  10. You can keep performing this until you have built the kit you want.
  11. Export the samples together in a single location on disk
  12. If you want to start over completely, reset everything by clicking the + drum icon.

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