SampleSort v0.6.5 New Features

As the release of SampleSort v0.6.5 nears, we thought it was time we share with you some of the new functionality you will find in the new version.

Audio Engine – there is  a completely new, zero latency, audio engine that provides playback of all the common files (WAV, WMA, OGG, MP3, FLAC, AIFF, CDA etc).  SampleSort now supports samples upto 32Bit / 192Khz.  This removes the need for Windows Media Player … yay!

Monophonic / Polyphonic – you can now audition samples in monophonic or polyphonic playback modes.

Global Audio Looping – You can now configure SampleSort to playback in loop mode.

Master Volume Control – Control the global volume using the volume control in the main user interface.  This effects all active audio streams.

QuickSearch – Perform database searches without loading the database into memory.  With this option enabled SampleSort gathers the required search data when the application starts up, freeing lots of memory for the more critical applications you will be using.

Database V2 – There is also a new database format that has massively reduced the phyiscal size of the database file.  This also means that large databases load faster.  SampleSort will automatically upgrade V1 databases to V2 format.

Drives – Configure SampleSort to watch for new removeable drives and CD/DVD discs being added to the system so that you can start browsing their contents and using them in Export jobs.

32/64Bit – The main application installer is now capable of installing 32 or 64 bit versions.

64Bit Compatibility Issues

Currently the SampleSort installation on 64bit systems requires a further installation in order to function correctly.  In order to fix 64Bit issues you can go to this location and download SSCERuntime-ENU-x64.msi and install this file.

SampleSort v0.6.5 will remove the need for this step.

Removeable Drives

The next release of SampleSort will provide the ability to monitor for removeable drives being added to the system whilst the application is running.  At present these are still not included in scans/searches as the file assests (by definition) are not held on the host machine and cannot be regarded as ‘always available’ so are not currently added to the database.

There are plans in a future release to enable users to catalog remote storage locations that would include things like network drives, removeable drives and CD/DVDs thus enabling the searching of all media in addition to the locally stored audio files.

New Features and Progress Report

We are currently working on some new features to be included in the upcoming new release of SampleSort.  We are working on much improved automatic file categorisation processes and a whole new search facility to bring much needed ‘fuzzy’ matching to the SampleSort UI.

More infor will be posted on the site as we approach the release date.

Vista Support

Good news for Vista users is that we are currently working towards v0.6.4 release of SampleSort which will be fully Vista compatible.  This should be finalised within the next few days and then made available on this site.  Please check back for updates on progress.