Issues on Windows 7

There are some users currently experiencing problems running SampleSort.  The problem has been identified and we are currently working on a solution for an update to the application to take care of the issue.  If you are experiencing any problem this solution may prove useful, not just for SampleSort but for other issues you may be having.

It turns out that some installation of Microsoft Office install a “Phantom Drive” that seems to appear as “Q:” on users machines.  This is related to a tool called “Microsoft Office Click-to-Run 2010”.  You can read more about this particular issue here.

We will be releasing a new version of the application within the next few days.


The JamSoft Team

0.6.8 & Current Issues

We are currently working very hard to get the release of v0.6.8 out the door as we discussed a few days ago.  This is a very high priority for us as there are issues with 0.6.6 (the currently available release) running on Windows 7.  A recent update from Microsoft has changed the way some automation features work and this has had an impact on SampleSort.  We have already implemented a fix for this which is included in the v0.6.8 release which will be available on this site hopefully later today!

SampleSort 0.6.8

Well, it’s been a long time coming but we’re just getting ready to send a new version to the beta testers.  This version includes a lot of recent feature requests that have been appearing in the JamSoft inbox.  keep watching this space for more information over the coming weeks.

SampleSort 0.6.7

We are very near to releasing the next version of SampleSort.  Should hit the web site within the next couple of days.  Included in this release are a few cosmetic changes and general maintenance updates.  In addition to this we have the following new features:

  • Text file name searches are now case switchable
  • Drive volume labels are now displayed in the browser view
  • Search values persisted between sessions
  • Window position restore is now safer when run on a dual monitor systems
  • Export view grid now also supports audio playback & drag and drop
  • All grids now re-trigger sample playback on left click

We will send out notifications to subscribed users as soon as this new version is released and available for download.  This new version of SampleSort is now packaged in an .msi installer instead of the older .exe setup file we used previously.  This is currently undergoing extensive testing.


I hope we’re all enjoying the summer at the moment and what a cracker it is.  Things have been a bit quiet on the SampleSort development front of late as we have been trying to decide on the best course of action on how to move things forward.

We have been talking to end users to try to get a feel for where we should take the application.  I have also been approaching various industry folks with a view to getting their input on various topics as well.  We at a point where we are collating all of this together and should have a good road-map for moving this all forward in the not too distant future.

Meanwhile, if any of you people out there in user land feel the urge to do a spot of promotion on our behalf we’d love to hear from you!