Who Are We?

Well I guess I should say that the (royal) “We” is actually just me!

jammer_studioYup!  Just little ‘ol me and my studio.

That said I’ve had a fair bit of experience in terms of studio work and audio production.  I’m currently a Beta Tester for Solid State Logic on the Duende set of plugins.  I’ve also beta tested equipment for Toft Audio Designs, yes the Malcolm Toft of Trident fame on their new Toft ATB series of mixing desks.  I have also owned and run my own small commercial recording studio called Product23.

I’ve had my work included in computer games and also played on the Radio but I’ve never reached the dizzy heights of pop stardom (as yet) and probably never will but that’s beside the point.  I know the issues we all face in terms of getting productions finished, on budget and within time scales and that is what lead me to establish JamSoft and to spend time developing SampleSort.

I hope you enjoy the software and find it useful.