Vista Support

Good news for Vista users is that we are currently working towards v0.6.4 release of SampleSort which will be fully Vista compatible.  This should be finalised within the next few days and then made available on this site.  Please check back for updates on progress.

SampleSort v0.6.3 Beta Released!!

JamSoft is very proud to announce the release of the first public beta of SampleSort. This is currently sitting at v0.6.3 and is available for immediate download via this site.  As you can imagine after nearly 10 months in development so far it is a very proud moment to release this and start to promote and get user feedback.

Please take a moment to sign up on the user forum in order to get in touch with us and share your thoughts about the software.  We will be listening very carefully and will make every effort to take on board any ideas or requests.